seo backlinks: why seo backlinks are essential

Why Backlinks Are Essential for SEO (And How to Get Them)22 min read

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial element for enhancing a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Among the various factors influencing SEO, backlinks play an essential role. Understanding why backlinks are vital and how to obtain them can significantly impact your website’s success.

Interested in learning more about SEO backlinks and how to acquire them? This article has everything you need to know!

What Are Backlinks?

seo backlinks

Backlinks, also known as inbound or incoming links, are links from one website to another. They act as endorsements or votes of confidence from one site to another, signaling to search engines that the content on the linked site is valuable and trustworthy. Essentially, when a reputable site links to your website, it indicates to search engines that your site is credible and worth ranking higher.

Why Backlinks Are Essential for SEO

1. Improving Search Engine Rankings

Backlinks can come from viral content, relevant and useful articles, or paid publications on major websites. Websites with a higher number of quality backlinks tend to rank higher in search results because they are perceived as more authoritative and relevant. This improved ranking can lead to increased organic traffic, which is often more sustainable and cost-effective than paid traffic.

Note: Backlinks can improve your search engine ranking because when many credible websites mention your site, especially with relevant content, it boosts your credibility. This, in turn, signals Google’s algorithm to increase your ranking.

2. Increasing Website Traffic

Backlinks not only help in improving search engine rankings but also drive direct referral traffic. When users read content on a reputable site and find a link to your website, they are likely to click on it if they find it relevant. This influx of visitors can lead to higher engagement, more leads, and ultimately more conversions.

Note: For instance, if a high-traffic website like Forbes mentions your site, some of their traffic will likely flow to your website due to the mention in their article.

3. Enhancing Brand Authority

When authoritative websites link to your content, it enhances your brand’s credibility and authority. Users are more likely to trust and engage with a brand that is endorsed by other reputable sources. This trust can translate into higher engagement rates, better customer retention, and increased brand loyalty.

Note: Your brand will also gain credibility because when people see your website mentioned on reputable sites like Forbes, Mothership, Today Online, Mediacorp, and Yahoo, they’ll think, “This is a credible site, not just an empty website. Many big companies are talking about it, so it must be legitimate.” Although there are many ways and strategies to do this, it is not easy. It requires hard work and consistency to achieve.

4. Faster Indexing by Search Engines

Search engines use bots to crawl and index websites. Backlinks from well-established sites can help these bots discover your site more quickly and efficiently. This faster indexing means your new content can appear in search results faster, providing you with a competitive advantage.

Note: If you discuss the news about the upcoming iPhone and other sites also talk about it, your website will generally rank sooner than theirs. This means visitors will get to see your website earlier in Google search results.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

Now that we understand the importance of backlinks, the next step is to explore effective strategies for acquiring them. Here are some proven methods to help you build a strong backlink profile:

1. Create High-Quality Content

Content is king in the digital world. By producing high-quality, valuable content, you increase the likelihood of other websites linking to your site. Focus on creating comprehensive guides, insightful blog posts, original research, infographics, and engaging videos. High-quality content naturally attracts backlinks as other sites seek to provide their audience with valuable resources.

Creating high-quality content is essential for attracting backlinks. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

1. Understand Your Audience

customer avatar worksheet
The Customer Avatar Worksheet by
  • Find Your Audience: Create a customer avatar to help you tailor your marketing and improve your products or services to better meet their needs. A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer, including their demographics, goals, challenges, values, and buying habits.
  • Targeted Content: You need to address specific pain points, challenges, goals, and interests that you defined for your customer avatar.

2. Create Comprehensive Guides

image 85
Image Source
  • In-Depth Information: Write detailed and comprehensive guides that cover a topic thoroughly.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Include step-by-step instructions, tips, and real-life examples to make your guides more valuable.

3. Produce Original Research

image 86
Survey Monkey allows you to conduct your own survey online
  • Surveys and Studies: Conduct original research, surveys, and studies that provide new insights or data.
  • Unique Findings: Share unique findings and statistics that others in your industry may find useful and want to reference.

4. Use Visual Content

image 87
Canva helps you to create visually stunning infographics and more!
  • Infographics: Create visually appealing infographics that summarize complex information.
  • Videos: Produce engaging videos that explain concepts or demonstrate products.
  • Charts and Graphs: Use charts and graphs to illustrate data clearly.

5. Write Compelling Headlines

image 88
HeadlineStudio helps you generate compelling headlines from a keyword
  • Attention-Grabbing: Craft headlines that grab attention and make people want to click and read more.
  • Keyword Optimization: Include relevant keywords to improve SEO and help your content get discovered.

6. Provide Practical Value

image 89
Buildd allows you to read real stories that you might find useful to illustrate your points in your blog
  • Actionable Tips: Offer practical, actionable tips that readers can implement immediately.
  • Real-Life Examples: Use real-life examples to illustrate your points and make your content more relatable.

7. Collaborate with Blogging Sites

image 90
TechinAsia – Tech in Asia is well-respected in the tech industry, and a backlink from their website can be beneficial for your SEO.
  • Guest Posts: Write guest posts for reputable blogs and websites in your industry.
  • Interviews and Quotes: Include quotes or interviews with industry experts and influencers to add credibility to your content.

8. Stay Updated with Trends

image 84
Google Trends helps you to research trending topics
  • Current Topics: Write about current trends, news, and events in your industry.
  • Timely Content: Timely content is more likely to be shared and linked to by others.

9. Engage with Your Community

How to edit a comment on Instagram 620x638 1
Image Source
  • Comments and Feedback: Engage with your audience by responding to comments and feedback.
  • Social Media: Share your content on social media platforms and participate in relevant discussions.

10. Promote Your Content

image 92
Mailchimp is a powerful marketing platform designed to help businesses promote their content and engage with their audience.
  • Outreach: Reach out to other websites and bloggers who might find your content useful and ask them to link to it.
  • Content Distribution: Use content distribution networks and platforms to increase the reach of your content.

By following these tips, you can create high-quality content that attracts backlinks and improves your website’s SEO performance.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a popular strategy for building backlinks. By contributing articles to reputable blogs in your industry, you can include links back to your website. This not only helps you gain backlinks but also exposes your brand to a broader audience. Ensure that your guest posts are well-written, relevant, and provide value to the host site’s readers.

Contributing articles to popular and reputable blogs can significantly boost your visibility and credibility. Here are five of the best and most popular sites where you can submit guest posts:

1. Forbes

image 79
  • Description: A leading business magazine that accepts contributions from industry experts and thought leaders. Writing for Forbes can greatly enhance your authority and reach a broad audience.
  • Website: Forbes

2. HuffPost

image 80
  • Description: A widely-read news and opinion website that covers various topics. Contributing to HuffPost allows you to reach a diverse audience and gain significant exposure.
  • Website: HuffPost

3. Inc.

image 81
  • Description: A magazine focused on growing companies and entrepreneurs, accepting expert contributions. Writing for Inc. can help you connect with business professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Website: Inc.

4. Entrepreneur

image 82
  • Description: A magazine and website providing insights and advice for entrepreneurs, accepting expert articles. Publishing on Entrepreneur can position you as a thought leader in the entrepreneurial community.
  • Website: Entrepreneur

5. TechCrunch

image 83
  • Description: A leading technology news website that accepts guest posts from industry experts. Contributing to TechCrunch can help you reach a tech-savvy audience and establish your expertise in the technology sector.
  • Website: TechCrunch

By contributing to these top-tier websites, you can gain valuable backlinks, increase your online presence, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

3. Leverage Social Media

Promote your content on social media platforms to increase its visibility. When your content gains traction on social media, it can attract the attention of bloggers, journalists, and influencers who may link to your site. Engaging with your audience and participating in industry-related discussions can also help you build relationships that lead to backlink opportunities.

1. Facebook

image 65
  • Audience: Broad and diverse, with significant usage across all age groups.
  • Age: Primarily 25-54 years old.
  • Type: General public, businesses, families, and community groups.
  • Description: With billions of active users, Facebook is a great platform to share your content with a wide audience. You can use personal profiles, business pages, and groups to reach different segments.
  • Features: Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Live Videos, Stories.
  • Website: Facebook

2. X formerly known as Twitter

image 67
  • Audience: Tech-savvy users, industry professionals, news enthusiasts.
  • Age: Primarily 18-49 years old.
  • Type: Individuals interested in real-time news, trends, and public discussions.
  • Description: Known for its real-time updates and trending topics, Twitter is excellent for sharing timely content and engaging in industry conversations.
  • Features: Hashtags, Twitter Chats, Twitter Ads, Moments.
  • Website:

3. LinkedIn

image 68
  • Audience: Professionals, B2B marketers, recruiters, job seekers.
  • Age: Primarily 25-54 years old.
  • Type: Business professionals, industry experts, and companies.
  • Description: Ideal for professional networking and B2B marketing, LinkedIn allows you to share industry-specific content and connect with professionals.
  • Features: LinkedIn Articles, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Website: LinkedIn

4. Instagram

image 69
  • Audience: Younger users, visually-oriented individuals, influencers.
  • Age: Primarily 18-34 years old.
  • Type: Lifestyle enthusiasts, fashion and beauty followers, visual content consumers.
  • Description: A visual platform that’s perfect for sharing images, infographics, and short videos. Instagram is particularly effective for engaging younger audiences.
  • Features: Stories, IGTV, Reels, Instagram Ads, Shoppable Posts.
  • Website: Instagram

5. YouTube

image 70
  • Audience: Broad and diverse, spanning various interests and age groups.
  • Age: Primarily 18-49 years old.
  • Type: Video content consumers, DIY enthusiasts, entertainment seekers.
  • Description: The leading platform for video content, YouTube allows you to create in-depth videos, tutorials, and webinars to engage your audience.
  • Features: YouTube Channels, Live Streaming, YouTube Ads, Community Tab.
  • Website: YouTube

6. Pinterest

image 71
  • Audience: Predominantly female, DIY enthusiasts, planners.
  • Age: Primarily 18-49 years old.
  • Type: Individuals interested in crafts, recipes, fashion, home decor.
  • Description: A visual discovery platform, Pinterest is great for sharing infographics, how-to guides, and visually appealing content that can drive traffic to your site.
  • Features: Pins, Boards, Pinterest Ads, Rich Pins.
  • Website: Pinterest

7. TikTok

image 72
  • Audience: Younger users, highly engaged and creative individuals.
  • Age: Primarily 13-24 years old.
  • Type: Gen Z, trend followers, content creators.
  • Description: A rapidly growing platform for short, engaging videos. TikTok is especially popular among younger demographics and can help you reach a vast audience with creative content.
  • Features: Hashtags, TikTok Ads, Duets, Trends.
  • Website: TikTok

8. Reddit

image 73
  • Audience: Tech-savvy users, niche communities, enthusiasts.
  • Age: Primarily 18-34 years old.
  • Type: Individuals interested in specific topics, discussions, and communities.
  • Description: Known for its diverse communities (subreddits), Reddit allows you to share content and engage in discussions related to specific topics.
  • Features: Subreddits, Reddit Ads, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), Reddit Gold.
  • Website: Reddit

By leveraging these social media platforms, you can significantly increase the reach and engagement of your content, driving more traffic and gaining more attention from your target audience.

4. Collaborate with Influencers & Bloggers

best instagram influencers in singapore
Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Singapore in 2024 (

Building relationships with influencers in your industry can be highly beneficial. Influencers have large followings and can help amplify your content. Collaborate with them on projects, such as co-authoring articles, conducting interviews, or hosting webinars. These collaborations can result in valuable backlinks from influential sources.

Note: Working with influencers can amplify your content, leading to increased shares of your website or mentions on their platforms. This is particularly effective with bloggers, like food or travel bloggers, who can create dedicated posts about your brand.

However, instead of contacting influencers directly on social media, you can use platforms that help you identify the right influencers for your target audience. These platforms allow you to filter based on criteria like age range, gender, and industry. This is important because partnering with influencers whose followers aren’t interested in your content can result in wasted resources.

Essentially, partnering with relevant influencers can be a powerful marketing strategy, but it’s crucial to choose the right ones for your brand and target audience.

Here are some platforms where you can find and hire Singaporean influencers for your marketing campaigns:

1. Narrators

image 59

Narrators: This award-winning platform has a strong presence in Singapore and across Asia. It offers a comprehensive database of influencers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, allowing you to find the perfect match for your brand.

2. Partipost

image 60

Partipost: A Singapore-based platform known for its user-friendly interface and campaign management tools. Partipost has a network of influencers in various niches across the different tiers – think nano, micro, macro, making it easy for agencies to select the most suitable influencers for their clients’ campaigns

3. StarNgage

image 61

StarNgage: StarNgage is an influencer marketing platform that enables brands to analyse, customise, manage, measure word-of-mouth marketing and connect with top content creators. They specialize in data-driven influencer marketing campaigns.

4. Kobe

image 62

Kobe: A results-driven influencer marketing agency that is dedicated to matching companies with relevant influencers for the most significant possible results. This AI-powered platform utilizes data-driven insights to connect brands with the most suitable influencers. It offers a full suite of services, from influencer research to campaign management and analytics.

5. Passionation

image 63

This platform boasts a large community of brands and creators in Asia, facilitating seamless collaboration and influencer marketing at scale. They also offer e-commerce integration and live stream capabilities. From Mega to Nano, Passionation will help you meticulously select influencers and content creators that live and breathe your brand to deliver only the best results.

6. X10 Media

image 64

X10Media: This agency specializes in influencer marketing in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, offering a network of over 3,000 influencers with a combined reach of 10 million. They also provide retargeting technology to maximize campaign ROI.

The best platform for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider the size of your campaign, the type of influencers you’re looking for, and the level of support you require.

5. Utilize Online Directories and Resource Pages

Having backlinks from online directories can also increase your local SEO. When your website is listed in reputable local directories, it helps search engines recognize your business’s credibility and relevance in your local area.

Submitting your website to online directories and resource pages can provide valuable backlinks. Ensure that you choose reputable directories and resource pages relevant to your industry. These platforms often have high domain authority, which can positively impact your SEO.

Here are some of the most popular online directories in Singapore:

1. Tap Singapore

image 74

Tap Singapore is a Singapore business directory that lists businesses and services offered in Singapore. The website also allows users to add business listings. Some of the businesses listed include restaurants, renovation services, and comedy events.

2. Singapore Leads

image 75

Singapore Leads: This comprehensive directory includes over 300,000 companies, making it a valuable resource for finding local businesses.

3. Angloinfo Singapore

image 76

Angloinfo: This directory is specifically for expats, providing information on everything from healthcare and education to leisure and entertainment.

4. Yellow Pages

image 77

Yellowpages: This is one of the oldest and most well-known directories in Singapore, listing businesses from a wide range of industries.

There are many other online directories in Singapore worth mentioning, such as Singapore Business Directory,, Hotfrog Singapore, SgIndex, SBF Connect, and Singapore Local Business Directory

Listing your business in these directories is beneficial for gaining backlinks, which can improve your website’s search engine ranking and increase its visibility to potential customers.

6. Monitor Competitors’ Backlinks

image 78

Analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles can provide insights into potential backlink opportunities. Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz can help you identify where your competitors are getting their backlinks. Reach out to these sites with better content or unique perspectives to earn similar backlinks.

7. Fix Broken Links

seo backlinks: fix broken links
Image Source

Identify broken links on other websites and offer your content as a replacement. This strategy, known as broken link building, involves reaching out to site owners and suggesting your relevant content as a replacement for their broken links. It’s a win-win situation as you help them fix an issue while gaining a backlink in return.

Conclusion for SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are a cornerstone of effective SEO. They enhance search engine rankings, drive traffic, and build brand authority. By focusing on creating high-quality content, engaging with influencers, leveraging social media, and utilizing strategic methods like guest blogging and broken link building, you can develop a robust backlink profile. This effort will ultimately lead to improved visibility, increased traffic, and greater success for your website.


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